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The Council has a Complaints Commission, which decides upon the content of your complaints to the text, photographs, and other contents of printed media, their websites, web portals, and news agencies. The Commission is here to help you, and its services are free. You will need to wait for the decision no longer than 45 days from the moment we receive a complaint.

Contact us if you believe that you suffered damage from the work of the media.

Who has the right to submit a complaint:
• Any individual, organization, or institution, who are directly affected by the content they complain about. If one files a complaint on someone’s behalf, one needs to provide the written consent of the person.
• Complaint on behalf of a minor child can be submitted by the parents or guardians of a child or someone else with the written consent of a parent or guardian.

What content one can complain about:
• The texts and photos published in the daily and periodical press, on their websites, as well as on news portals and news agencies
• the audio records on news portals and online editions of print media
• the letters from readers

It is important to know:
• Complaints can be lodged for violation of the Code of journalists, for this reason, we advise you that before you file a complaint to take a look at the Codex. If you need assistance, please contact us
• We accept only complaints of those who directly suffered damage by either the published article or photograph or complaints lodged with their written consent.
• We do not accept complaints concerning the content of the printed media that have been published more than 3 months ago. Complaints about online media contents can be submitted until these contents are available to the public
• complaints must be signed and submitted in writing or sent via e-mail
• you can suggest that the media on which you complain publishes your response, correction, to apologize or to make a deal in some other manner. We will try to reach a solution through intermediation.

• Objections on television and radio programs (for electronic media is responsible Republic Broadcasting Agency)
• Objections on advertising and other marketing content
• Complaints about the content that you consider “distasteful” or inappropriate
• Complaints about the content of  books