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Decisions on complaints

If we find that your complaint is under our control, that not more than three months from the publication of the content in question, exactly as in the appeal submitted by the person who is personally affected by the publication, the proceedings in the manner that we will first inform about your complaint chief editor and ask him to check if it is possible to settle the dispute out of commission, publish an apology or denial.

We will wait for a response seven days. If need be, the answer to this, and you can reply within seven days.

All decisions as to whether a violation of the Code of journalists brings Appeals Commission, whose work is accessible to the public.

If the Board of Appeal determines that a violation of journalistic ethics, which is the medium of publication in question must publish the commission’s decision. If the Commission decides that there was no violation, the media is not obligated to publish it.

In the event that this is a medium that has not accepted the jurisdiction of the Press Council (list of media that are accepted can be found on our website), the Commission shall impose a public reprimand.

The Commission will consider only the evidence that is available to both parties.

Any decision on the appeal will be posted on our website

Even if the Commission decides in your favor, your appeal and the decision of the Commission shall be submitted to the editor of media whose content you have submitted a complaint

All decisions as to whether a violation of the Code of journalists by the Commission for complaints