Press release: Towards better protection of children in the media space

The Chamber of Social Protection and the Press Council organized a meeting with media representatives in order to improve media coverage of victims of tragic events. Special attention is to be paid to child victims, who suffer the greatest consequences of inadequate media coverage.

The participants of the meeting presented numerous dilemmas and issues related to the protection of personal data of victims, the use of various data sources, the credibility of information, the misuse of media by parties who dispute over a right or are in dispute with institutions, as well as the use of discriminatory and insulting speech.

Aware that the consequences of unprofessional and inadequate media coverage are numerous and often irreparable, the participants agreed that it is necessary to find mechanisms to avoid violating the Code of Journalists, and reduce the consequences of such reporting. In the coming period, representatives of the Chamber of Social Protection, press council and media will carry out various activities aimed at preventing unprofessional reporting and protecting the dignity of victims of tragic events.

In addition to representatives of the Chamber of Social Protection and the Press Council, the meeting was attended by editors and journalists from the editorial offices of following media outlets, Adria Media Group, Kurir, Espresso, Srbija danas.


Belgrade, 06.07.2023.                                                                             Chamber of

Social Protection