The number of complaints increased by 100 percent

(Source: Fonet) – Since the beginning of last year, 131 complaints have been submitted to the Press Council’s Complaints Commission for violations of the Journalist’s Code of Ethics of Serbia, which is an increase of more than 100 percent compared to last year, when it was 61,  and the most pertain to “the crime section, said today the Secretary-General of the Council Gordana Novakovic.

At the presentation of data on complaints about violations of the Code, she assessed that it was encouraging because more and more citizens know that there is a body they can turn to.

Novakovic stated that 10 complaints are currently in the process, the same number, unfortunately, was resolved by mediation between the editorial office and the one who submitted the complaint, while the Commission has considered 94 of them, having previously decided that only 12 did not violate the Code, while 37 public warnings were issued.
Most complaints since the beginning of the year have been filed by citizens – 130, then NGOs – 28, media and journalists 18, members of the Commission 9, and state bodies 10.